7.19.18 I Need a Favor

I need a favor, a moment of your time, a quick pic pretty, pretty please.


We have sold LOTS of SunnyStrong shirts – well over 500, probably inching up on 1000. I need a pic of you, or your dog, or a stranger wearing a SunnyStrong shirt. Doesn’t have to be anything fancy or special, I just need pics!


We have lots of fun, exciting events and opportunities coming up and I need to restock my arsenal of SunnyStrong crazies loving and living life! You can post to social media and tag SunnyStrong, you can email it to me, you can call Jerry and Traci at the Hico News Review and post it there – your options are endless!


If you could do me this tensy, tiny, itty bitty favor at your earliest convenience I would be forever and ever and ever grateful. I love you and Thank You in advance for doing this for me ❤


Need to order a SunnyStrong shirt? Click Here!

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