7.31.18 Radicava, Richter, Rest

Today, July 31, 2018 will go down in the books as a very, very exhausting one. Round 11 of Radicava Ridiculousness wrapped up last week. I’ve been having issues with Paula the Port, getting accessed mostly, so today’s appointment was supposed to take 30 minutes and be easy peasy.


Exhausting remember? 7 sticks and 2 expert opinions later, I’m sent across campus for a Dye Study. It was painless since I was already accessed but the day drug on forever and ever. The study itself took a fraction of the time I spent in Pre-Op and Recovery, but at least there was no pain or blood. Paula is in the right place and working correctly, there just happens to be a fun little stringy clot attached to the end of the tube so I’m scheduling a “Clot Blaster” before my next infusion. Easy peasy and they had Dr. Pepper in Recovery so you know I was happy.


They cut me loose just in time to sit in rush hour traffic on I30 – score! Not complaining, it was painless and no blood so I took advantage of listening to my Podcast on The Remedy with Tova Sido – listen here! Home before 7, not my favorite but I’ll take it.


Enough about my day, this post is dedicated to Jake. If he looks a lot exhausted in that pic, it’s because he earned that exhaustion. Jake competed in the Ouray 100  this weekend. He had 60 hours to complete 100 miles, on foot, in the mountains in Colorado without sleep or Dr. Pepper. He completed those 100 miles, on foot, in the mountains in Colorado without sleep or Dr. Pepper in exactly 59 hours, 59 minutes, and 59 seconds.


Yup, you read that right – he had one second to spare. ONE SECOND determined the difference in “completing” the race and “attempting” the race. That is insanity. Jake is a beast. He redefined the word “exhausting”. He is truly amazing. Here is a little bit of our conversation from Sunday evening:


Y’all, never ever ever let me complain of exhaustion, or lack of Dr. Pepper – Jake holds those rights and more. I’m honored to call him my friend. I’m blessed by his devotion to our cause. I’m thankful for his family allowing him to train and compete in this race in the name of SunnyStrong. Now let’s leave them alone, it’s vacation time for the Richter’s!


3 thoughts on “7.31.18 Radicava, Richter, Rest

  1. Hey girl so far my port is doing fine. I hope it stays that way. Do you go to the Fort Worth clinic to get your infusions. I get mine in Tyler. But I hope to see you in October for the ALS walk then clinic in November.


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