8.2.18 Reblog: This August, Every Story…Every Bid…Every Drop Adds Up

Y’all kicked off August in a ginormous way:

We still have 30 days to cause a ruckus and call for action to end this disease. Share, donate, and raise awareness during the month of August Adventures for SunnyStrong which is centered around the ice bucket challenge. We shared our SunnyStrong video yesterday. Share our video if you haven’t recorded yours yet. Share every video you see with anyone that will listen.

Share our pictures if you don’t have a SunnyStrong one of your own. Share any ALS related picture you can find with any other person that will look. Awareness is our mission and we have to work together to make the biggest impact possible.

ALS Association shared this blog post yesterday. Recognize anyone? Stay tuned for more content from the ALS Association featuring yours truly.

This August, Every Story…Every Bid…Every Drop Adds Up

August begins today, marking a month-long opportunity to raise awareness and support for the fight against ALS.

Four summers ago, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge soaked the world, but we continue to fight for a world without ALS. In that time, The ALS Association has committed more than $96 million to our mission, including more than $84 million to research.

There are many ways for you to help spread the word and raise money to keep the momentum going.

Bid on an auction. Throughout the month, we will host an online auction featuring sports, entertainment, and luxury items and experiences.  Each week, we’ll be posting auction items ranging from a weekend stay in Wine Country to a private batting practice session with an MLB all-star. Visit alsauction.org to view and bid on one-of-a-kind experiences aimed to generate significant funds to support the fight against ALS. Every Bid Adds Up!

Share the stories from our community. Throughout the month, we will also be featuring stories of people living with ALS and their families. Check in here on our blog throughout the month to read those stories, and then share them on social media and tell us your own story about your connection to ALS. Every Story Adds Up!

Pick up a PopSocket. This summer, PopSockets, the maker of popular smartphone attachments, is donating 10 percent of the proceeds from all online purchases to The ALS Association. Later this month, we’ll share the story about the connection between these two organizations. This month (and through September 30), Every Pop Adds Up!

Host a fundraiser. One thing that has become clear in the years since the Ice Bucket Challenge: August is for raising funds for the fight against this terrible disease. Create a personal fundraiser on our One Dollar Difference platform. Every Fundraiser Adds Up!

As the Ice Bucket Challenge proved, small actions of a few can have a major impact. Or, as we like to put it, Every Drop Adds Up!

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