8.20.18 Jake! Jake! He’s Our Man!

Praise for Jake’s amazing accomplishment continue to rain down on my sweet, strong, fearless friend. Mr. B, my Ricky Ricardo, blasted it this week in his newsletter:

Jake Mr B

Love has infiltrated SunnyStrong:

Jake wrote about his experience and shared some beautiful pics from his race:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I could copy and paste more than 100 comments, posts, and shares from FB alone from friends and family praising Jake’s efforts, congratulating his endurance, and loving him from near and far.

Joe Prusaitis shared his account of the trip –  I spent the last weekend plus some in Ouray crewing for good friend, Jake Richter for the Ouray 100 mile. This is how things went down for Jake Richter… http://www.trailzen.co/blog/

Provided by CoolFundraisingIdeas.net

Thank you for loving Jake through this amazing accomplishment. Thank you for donating to SunnyStrong and sharing our mission. Thank you, Jake, for being you. And you for taking the fight against ALS to this beautiful stage and educating so many in the process.

Richter Runs for SunnyStrong

Jake is running the Ouray 100 for ALS Awareness and SunnyStrong!


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