9.28.18 Finding Joy

I am hooked on Tova Sido’s podcast called The Remedy. If you’re not subscribed to her, do it right this second – it will change your life, your daily perspective, and maybe baby you’ll learn something. If you haven’t joined the podcast world, don’t worry you’re not too far behind, but it’s crucial that you join us as soon as possible and start with The Remedy.

Enjoy your stay! (2)

In my heart I am constantly searching for joy, every day, and in every way. This episode reminded me to shift my focus from me – from my exhaustion, from my weakened muscles, from my pity party – and see the good things in every situation, in every person, and in every opportunity. Days in are a blessing, and the rest my body needs comes easy on these days. Days out remind me how much I love people, the energy I harvest from hugs and face-to-face conversations, and the excitement I feel from something that comes so naturally to me.

We’ve talked before about how great Dagmar Munn is at giving a voice to ALS patients and bringing sanity to myself with each post she shares. In this article that published this week, I love what she says:

“This is why I am so adamant about the benefits of adopting a positive mindset, practicing reframing, and honing coping skills. Those skills are all vital to maintaining resilience and increasing longevity for those of us with ALS. It is important to remain relevant, to matter, and to have value.”

We’ve also talked about Rick Jobus and the wonderful humor he uses to describe the havoc ALS is wrecking on his body. I love his spirit, his candor, and his ability to take the words out of my mouth:

“I believe the phrase “misery loves company” has relevance. But not in the manner that Mephistopheles intended. Knowing you’re not alone in the life raft has a buoyancy effect. In the Bible, Isaiah 58:10 says to “satisfy the desire of the afflicted, then shall your light rise in the darkness.” I want that light. And I want to share it.”

So I’m here trying to make ordinary things extraordinary, I am relevant and resilient, and I want to share the light of my essence with everyone I encounter.


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