9.26.18 Armadillo Races

I can’t believe it’s been a week since The Cowtown Affair. It was a fun, inspiring evening with lots of love and laughs. The ALS Association of Texas shared today that the event raised $30k – how awesome is that?

View More: http://clarkcabus.pass.us/alsmopec2018

Personally, I ate my weight in Funkytown Donuts and Kyle and Tony from Acre Distillery made sure my cup never went dry. I’m just saying, Peach Dream Vodka makes Sunny a very, very happy person. Click here to see more pics from the event taken by the ALS Association.


Y’all know I was excited about the Armadillo races, but you seriously have to experience them to get the full experience. So much fun, so, so funny! I learned that in order to get your armadillo to go, you have to blow on it’s tail. Absolutely hysterical.

Anytime I get to spend time loving on friends – new and old – is a good night in my book. Getting to do it while raising awareness and dollars for ALS? Even better.

Thankfully Dr. Lester shared his true feelings about armadillos with all of us to cherish for ever and ever.

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