11.12.18 XI.XII.XVI

“I just want to life with you.” – J. Iron Word

life • /līf/ • verb

For two years we’ve been trying to succeed at this thing called life. Together we are better, faster, stronger. Separately we are inadequate, unfinished, and lost. We celebrate our successes and mourn our losses together.

“You win sometimes you lose some, baby that’s the way love goes” – Six Market Blvd

We are two imperfect people, paired together to tackle everything the world throws at us as perfectly as we can. There’s always tomorrow if today is too hard. It will be ok, it always works out.

We are no where closer to having a handle on this life we’re living, but I’m reminded each day of Gods unconditional love for us each time I look at you. I’m thankful you’re mine to drive crazy, to argue and makeup with, to eat ice cream for dinner with on more nights than any adult should, and to literally and figuratively pick me up each day as my body continues to fail me. I’m thankful you chose me to do life with, even with knowing what our future holds with this stupid disease. I could not, would not life without you.

“In the presence of God, our family and friends I, Sunny, take you, Kenneth, to be no other than yourself. I have faith in your abiding love for me, through all our years, and in all that life may bring us. With this ring, I thee wed.”

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