12.4.18 ALS as a Woman

So I fully realize that I’m not speaking for the majority of the ALS population, but for those of us that are in the minority – women – this disease poses lots of frustrations.

“According to the ALS CARE Database, 60% of the people with ALS in the Database are men…” – ALSA.org

This is going to sound silly, and I know there are men out there that this applies to, but one of the most frustrating parts of this disease is not being able to invest copious amounts of time in getting ready, relaxing in the tub, and trying new hairstyles. I’ve always loved playing dress up, always.


For now, I can still wash my own hair and get myself ready, mostly. Hopefully that stays the case for Kenneth’s sake, ha! Having someone else wash and blow dry your hair isn’t the worst thing, but it’s nice to be able to scratch that off the never ending list of “favors” I’m constantly requesting from everyone around me.

Imagine wanting a shower, wanting to wash the day off you, to emerge clean, refreshed, energized for the next task. Now imagine that this want becomes a need, becomes something that must be scheduled, planned, coordinated with caregivers. Takes all the fun out of it, huh?

Now you may be thinking, “of all the struggles you face daily, why let a simple shower hold this much energy?” My answer is simple: BECAUSE I’M STILL A WOMAN, DAMMIT!

My desire to play dress up has not diminished. I now have to “maximize efficiency while minimizing effort” to quote my OT, Katie. Monat’s products are for just that for me. My washing efficiency is maximized by using safe, premium products. Monat allows me to spend more time living and enjoying life rather than wearing myself out blow-drying and styling. Ask anyone, I’ll be late before I leave not ready – lots of fun arguments there – so by using better products I’m able to accomplish this task more efficiently.

I do my best thinking in the shower, so I’d like to keep that time to myself for as long as I can. As we discussed yesterday, this week is Gratitude Week at Monat. Erasmus Family Monat is using this week to pamper other women living with ALS while raising awareness for the disease.

THIS IS NOT A SALES PITCH! I cannot reiterate that enough.


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