12.7.18 Spa Day

I really, really hope that the women have received their care packages otherwise I just totally ruined the surprise. Kenneth and I discussed what we wanted to do as Erasmus Family Monat to participate in Monat’s Gratitude Week. In a perfect world, I’d deliver these “Spa Day” packages myself and help with the hair washing. Unfortunately, my useless hands would cause more work that it’s worth but the mental image is priceless.


ALS takes, and takes, and takes. We hope that this small token will give you something back, if even temporarily. You have my permission to be pampered, thoroughly spoiled and if anyone gives you lip about it, send them my way. This Gratitude Week is devoted to you, to your resilience in the face of absolute horror. I’m proud that you’re my friend, my sister in this awful disease, and I hope this brings a smile to your face.


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