12.24.18 90 Second Refresh

Good Morning! Merry Christmas Eve to you and yours! I’ve been MIA for the last week and half but I assure you it’s nothing personal nor dramatic, just a little more crazy than usual.

Scotland was amazing. My only regret was not trying this churro place that everyone raved about after we were out of time, thanks for that. I’m working on my report out for the conference, our trip, and Scotland overall – I’ll have those to you soon. I learned a lot, and I’m excited to further share the research, the updates, and the discussions that took place at the conference. Also, I’ve officially started my campaign for 2019’s conference in Perth, Australia. They need me there, I just know it.

Let’s do a 90 second highlight reel of all things Sunny:

  • Round 16 of Radicava Ridiculousness started, continued, and ended with little excitement
  • I completed visit 4 of Answer ALS Clinical Trial and got to smooch on Todd and catch up with Dr. Heitzman about the conference
  • I got the Nexplanon implant in my arm, I’ll spare you the details but it’s going to be very helpful
  • Round 17 of Radicava Ridiculousness is starting soon
  • Dawn Super Mom had surgery so I got in some “bed rest” time with her
  • Jen Army Mom is sending her baby overseas soon so we sent him off with hugs and love and prayers
  • Spent some time with my favorite chiropractor, ALS or otherwise we can all benefit from spinal alignment and a 30 minute chair massage
  • My Liz Fastest Mom catch-up was good for my soul, she brings clarity into my life like no one I have ever met
  • Jaci Dog Mom and I finally got to celebrate her turning 30, and graduating with her Masters
  • Maddie Monat Mom peddled some goodies my way, mentored me on this awesome business and I got to snuggle her precious babies
  • Mischloney Man of Travel and I had a great catch-up sesh over pancake batter dipped bacon fried to heavenly perfection
  • Early Davis Man of Wisdom and I had a long lunch with laughs, advice, and encouragement. Everyone needs an Early, he’s great.
  • I was invited to attend Rare Disease Week on Capitol Hill, working on logistics and financial aspects, and hopefully going to represent the ALS community once again in Washington DC
  • My Lisa Girl came bearing chocolate cake and giggles for our slumber party. She laughs hard and loves harder.
  • Pretty sure all of my concussion side effects have healed.
  • I have drank more Dr. Pepper than any sane human being should but I’ll gladly take some more.
  • I rescheduled two appointments because back to back days going to and from Dallas is exhausting.
  • Kenneth and I have fallen back into our comfortable routine and so far he’s still happy to have me home
  • Had my blood checked, Vitamins B and D were very low, started over the counter supplements and Dr. Heitzman told me to get myself outside more

I lost count, that may be more than 90 seconds worth but you get the gist. Kenneth and I wish y’all a very Merry Christmas! Safe travels!

And as you’re hugging and loving on friends and family, please hug a little tighter for Jennifer Casstevens. Hico’s pre-kindergarten babies are going to have to finish the school year without their fearless leader.

From Hico ISD Superintendent, Jon Hartgraves:

It is with great sadness that Hico ISD announces the death of beloved Pre-K teacher Jennifer Casstevens. Mrs. Casstevens was a selfless teacher who invested her heart and soul into the lives of those she taught. She positively impacted the lives of countless students, parents and fellow educators with her compassionate smile, genuine love and cheerful personality.

HISD is developing a plan to help students, parents and co-workers deal with this incredible loss. We will keep you informed.

Please continue to pray for Mrs. Casstevens’ family, friends, students and co-workers as we mourn this great loss.

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