1.14.19 But This Mouth…



Thursday I had the privileged to speak at the Continuity of Care monthly meeting with my sweet, supermom friend Toni Sudderth. From their website:

“Continuity of Care, Fort Worth is a network of healthcare professionals and related industries dedicated to promoting interdisciplinary communication and resources. Continuity of Care (C of C) Fort Worth began in 1985 as a group of three people and has grown to over 100 members. The group has contributed over $15,000 to community programs and services in the Tarrant County area.”


We’ve discussed before that I refuse to be responsible for what comes out of my mouth. I definitely cursed in a church on Thursday BUT I’m convinced that Jesus understands a heart like mine.   This group is powerful, connected, impactful and loving. I don’t think anything I said empowered them any more than where they started that morning, but the hugs, encouragement, suggestions and referrals I got from this group has already made a huge improvement in my life.


I’m excited to share some of the connections I made with you, and hopefully they can also help you or someone that you know. Please let me know if you would like any additional information from any of the people below.

Toni Sudderth, Bridgeway Health Sources – tonimsudd@gmail.com

Jenna Robinson, Care Centers of America – jenna_robinson@lcca.com

Michelle Meyers, Senior Living Specialists  – Tel: 214.929.5055 – michelle@seniorlivingspecialists.com

Jess Mulchay, Alzheimer’s Association – Tel: 817.336.4949 – jemulcahy@alz.org

Sarah Ethridge, Alzheimer’s Association – Tel: 817.336.4949 – setheridge@alz.org

Blythe Williamson, Safer Senior Life – Tel: 817.809.7890 – blythe@saferseniorlife.com

Amy Newman, Nursecore – Tel: 817.926.2355 – Amy.Newman@NurseCore.com

Here’s a snippet of my talk. Happy Monday, friends!


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