10.17.19 FOMO

I’m supposed to be in DC today. I’m supposed to be storming Capitol Hill. I’m supposed to be worn smooth out after a full day of legislative meetings. I’m supposed to be fighting for the ALS Community alongside other pALS.

I’ve always had extreme FOMO – fear of missing out – and today I’m drowning in self-doubt and anxiety for not being there. Luckily for me, this community is BURSTING with passionate fighters that are carrying my weight. This group is doing amazing things today in the name of Patient Advocacy and we are benefiting from their hardwork.

I realized today that I never reported out to y’all about our last trip to the Hill. Thankfully, y’all are here to keep me honest and inspired.

Jaci and I always have fun traveling together, and this trip was no different. We met some interesting people, saw as many monuments that we could, and I ate all of the crab cakes. The weather was perfect and we were proud of ourselves for getting most places on time without getting lost.

Hill day is a lot of work, but it’s so very worth it. I am always happy to discuss how to get involved with these efforts if you’re interested in joining us in DC. Jaci kept us on schedule and going in the right direction. We had 6 face to face meetings and dropped off packets at 2 offices.

Rep. John Carter’s office

Rep. Kenny Marchant’s office

Rep. Vicente Gonzalez’s office

Rep. Michael Cloud’s office

Rep. Kay Granger’s office

Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson’s office

Rep. Will Hurd’s office

Rep. Mike Conaway’s office

All Hill days end in alcohol, well for me they do anyway. The amount of exertion and energy that goes into these days is suffocating, but new friends and accomplishment make it all worth it.

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