10.15.19 Cowtown Affair Success

We met as a committee last week to wrap up the 2nd Annual Cowtown Affair that was held on 9.18.19 and learned that over $58k was raised at this year’s event. That’s double from last year. The event sold out, the Chicken Shit Bingo was a hit, and lots of love was poured over families who have been impacted by ALS.

Two of my favorite things: Mah and Donuts. I’m so thankful for my very talented friends for making this event perfect – Cupcake for being emcee, Chester for taking pictures, Clayton for serenading us all night, and Barden for keeping us safe. The wonderful women who served on this committee made this event phenomenal, and the ALS Texas crew handled the event hiccups like the professionals that they are. We loved hearing the Corbett Family’s story and for their continued fight against this disease. Thank you to all of our event sponsors and ticket buyers, because of you this committee has LOTS of decisions to make for next year so that we can continue to grow this event.

I won’t list my “thank yous” for fear of missing someone, but to everyone who contributed to this event in any form or fashion, from the bottom of my heart I say Thank You. Because of you, we are able to fight this disease with the personal support of ALS Texas. Not every state is as fortunate as we are to have a local chapter that loves and cares for us as completely and efficiently as ALS Texas does for us.

Someone in this mischievous bunch won Chicken Shit Bingo.

I love that this event has become a family affair.

And for the cherry on the sundae of success, look how awesome my husband looks and how hard he’s worked this last year:

Make sure you’re there next year!!

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