12.2.19 It’s Tomorrow Here

My phone tells me it’s Monday morning. My body is convinced it’s still Friday and we didn’t take a very large time machine around the world.

All three of us were so nervous Friday that we were nearly manic. No one could articulate why we were so nervous, but once we got together at the airport we could have exploded. The flight was easy. They fed us every hour just about, and we all got caught up on movies. We landed in Sydney and the collective agreement was that the trip so far was a lot less work than any of us anticipated.

Getting to the next leg of the trip was very eventful. Because it was 6 AM on Sunday there were no couriers available and airport protocol is that we couldn’t push our own wheels so just had to sit and wait. Finally got going, got our bags, cleared customs, rechecked our bags, and got to the airport shuttle. They bused us to the terminal and we got pulled over by airport police for something, you’d have to ask Carlie and Bronson what happened, and our driver got a citation and lost his driving privileges for a week. Got to the terminal as they were done boarding, got in trouble by the gate agent, then flew across the entire continent of Australia to our final destination.

Of course we couldn’t check into our hotel yet, so we found booze and food to pass the time. My scooter isn’t getting delivered until today so they parked me in the lobby and set out for reinforcements. I regret not taking these knuckleheads picture when they hiked back into the hotel, hands full, and sweating profusely. Ha! Turns out, the store wasn’t as close as they were told and they did work getting home. They made friends during their adventures and came back with lots of ideas for our time here.

We were convinced that the sun would never set. No one wanted to go to bed too early in fear that we’d all be up at 2 AM ready to party. Deliriousness took over and we were very, very giggly. Lion King has never been more entertaining. As you can imagine, we all slept hard and well from our day of flying.

Not one of us are early risers, so it’s funny that we’re all sitting up watching tv together before 7 AM. We are 14 hours ahead of CST, whatever that means. I promise to start posting more exciting stuff, but wanted to let y’all know that we made it safely and with some sanity.

Today’s agenda includes a networking lunch with PALS/CALS so I’m looking forward to meeting others in this community. Then we have a hot date with Kuldip Dave from ALSA National and y’all will get to see the outcome of that on Tuesday. Think we’re going to venture out into the city this afternoon and see some touristy stuff.

Stay tuned for more of the adventures of the knuckleheads. Perthfecta 2019 has officially commenced.

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