11.30.19 Caregivers

As we wrap up Caregiver Month, I’d like to thank each person who plays the role for another. In Jeff Foxworthy fashion, you might be a caregiver if:

  • you’ve ever helped us get from one place to the other
  • you’ve ever got us dressed
  • you’ve ever held our hand in a store
  • you’ve ever helped us get comfortable in bed
  • you’ve ever worked all day then came home to work more
  • you’ve ever cleaned up our mess
  • you’ve ever brought an unexpected meal
  • you’ve ever hugged us

this list goes on and on. Caregiving is no small feat, and though it’s not the easiest job we appreciate your efforts. Our lives are better for it, and “thank you” just doesn’t do it. My life is full of caregivers, some I meet on the sidewalk, and my life is functional because of it. If you’re reading this, chances are you’re a caregiver in some capacity.

I’m doing everything I possibly can to change ALS as the world knows it, and it’s 100% possible because of you caregivers.

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