1.1.20 Decade in Review

2010 Sunny

let’s see…

2010 – I was living in San Marcos with Thomas and Will, and Marg & Cass & I started the Tant Shepherd fan club and followed him around watching baseball, experienced my first and last halloween on 6th Street in Austin, went on Mancation to Ruidoso, and to Florida and knocked out the majority of grad school

2011 – I took my first big girl job at Weatherford College, finished my Masters and traveled to Cabo with Kacy, Ashley and Lisa & Vegas for Thad’s birthday

2012 – I was still in Weatherford and traveled to Jamaica with the girls and moved my bestie to Hereford, spent more time on water than on land, saw ZZ Top in concert, and my sister graduated from college

2013 – First symptoms of ALS show up and started my 18 month journey towards a diagnosis, also traveled to Dominican Republic with the girls & Yellowstone with Lance & Arkansas and NOLA with the Framily

2014 – Easily the toughest year of my life, I lost both grandfathers, changed jobs to Junior Achievement and moved into a house with Jarred Walker, dumped ice water on my head, accidentally ran a 5 miler instead of a 5k, and went to Costa Rica and a random train ride to OKC with the girls, visited Ruidoso and Colorado Springs

2015 – ALS diagnosis, attended my first multidisciplinary clinic, moved to Fort Worth, got Ian, got my spine tapped, met Kenneth, enrolled in my first clinical trial with Nina the Great, traveled to Vegas with Kacy and Dominican with the girls, visited St. Louis and my Ashley

2016 – got engaged, went to NOLA and Aruba with the girls, planned a wedding, married my love, got a new family, got a new nephew, received the Woman of Distinction award, had my wisdom teeth out,

2017 – started Radicava, turned 30, started the SunnyStrong blog, drove a Porsche, was on the cover of a magazine, acquired Phil, went to Dominican with Kacy, threw out the first pitch at a Rangers game, bought a house, got Baloo, went to Baton Rouge and Cancun with Kenneth, went on long term disability, sang Sweet Caroline with Jaci in the grandstands at Fenway, and broke my nose

2018 – we lost Grandma Houston, married off two of my best friends in Cancun, advocated on Capitol Hill for ALS, represented ALS in Glasgow with Carlie, got ordained, married off my sister, was honored as a Great Woman of Texas, flew to Colorado to see my Morby’s, saw Garth Brooks and named my scooter after him, started Erasmus Family Monat, and raced armadillos

2019 – started off in Vegas for Jaci’s 30th, more advocacy on Capitol Hill in February and June, traveled to Cancun, Columbus, Florida, and Australia, got some new tattoos, accepted home health assistance, and watched my nephew get an interception and run it in for a touchdown

i hope the next decade is filled with more travel, love, babies and a cure for ALS

2019 Sunny

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