3.8.18 Throwback Thursday

It’s been a while since we really chatted about what’s been going on. February is easily my favorite month – birthday month, duh – but it always goes by entirely too fast. We didn’t do a big birthday bash like normal but we sold the heck out of some Super Bowl squares and over $1500 was donated to SunnyStrong. Long term disability kicked in, I got a bonus month of coverage on insurance, and clinic was a blast as always.

Round 6 of Radicava Ridiculousness wraps up today and nothing exciting to report other than Jaci pulled my needle out and didn’t faint – #winning. Girls State Basketball Tournament is always one of favorite getaways. We laugh, we mingle, and in the end we always end up with fun stories to share for years to come. Coaching was not my calling in life, but to be in the presence of those who spend their days enriching our youth in the classroom and on the field/court is inspiring. The stories told are priceless, the list of accolades would drown you, and the constant banter will keep you laughing. It’s no surprise that everything is a competition. I exceeded the legal limit of mexican food intake and I’m not even sorry. We took the scooter this year and learned all about accessible routes and Jaci made me stay on Turtle speed – zero fun, sir.

Baloo has been a little puny lately so staying in bed all day Sunday was ok with both of us. As you can imagine, San Antonio was all play and no rest so the Sunday Slowdown was a must though this raspy, sexy voice can stick around for as long as it wants. March is coming at us hard and fast, lots of celebrations, adjustments with LTD and insurance, and working towards getting the house finished. I promise to share pics soon!

I have a hot date with my girl Bailey today for some hair upkeep – being a girl is a lot of work. Still working on finding my “fix” for endurance, we have A LOT of wedding stuff coming up this summer and none of it is negotiable. Trying a new supplement – Protandim Nrf2 – and drinking a double Spark & Rehydrate concoction everyday to function.  Thanks for the suggestions and research, I love that y’all are part of my war on ALS.

Couple of exciting announcements and upcoming events for SunnyStrong, but I’ll tell you all about those tomorrow 🙂

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