8.9.18 There’s a Resource Guide for That

Y’all know I love Clinic Days. It’s a huge “Why” for my energy and efforts. It’s my support group. It’s my refuge from this scary disease. It’s my people, it’s new people. It’s my family.

And. It. Is. TOMORROW!

I’ve got Cromies, I’ve got Fruges, I’ve got Locks, I’ve got donuts (hopefully). I know I’ve forgotten someone – I’m too excited! Did I mention that I love Clinic?

ALS doesn’t make sense, but Clinic does. It’s why I’m walking with the ALS Association in October. My advice to anyone fighting this disease, regardless of longevity, get yourself to Clinic.

From the ALSA Resource Guide Including the Multidisciplinary Team Approach in Your Care

“There is a difference between curing and healing. Unfortunately, at this time, there isn’t a cure for ALS. We do, however, believe we can heal the patient. This can be done by addressing the fact that ALS is not just a physical disease, but an emotional, spiritual, and psychological disease as well. The multiple aspects of ALS are best addressed in the setting of a multidisciplinary clinic that acknowledges the unique challenges that ALS patients and their families face. ALS doesn’t just affect one person, but the entire family. Studies show that care in an ALS clinic improves quality of life as well as longevity. The clinic provides a medical home away from home where patients are treated like family. Although there are no right or wrong choices regarding patients’ wishes in ALS care, an experienced team can help guide patients and families through their journey by providing deep knowledge of the disease process and aiding with difficult decisions. After all, the key to patient care is to care about the patient, and love is a form of medicine. We take this concept to heart and have a poster in our clinic which reads,

“A Physician once said the best medicine for humans is love, someone asked what if it doesn’t work, the physician smiled and said, ‘Increase the dose.’”

– Scott D. Miller, MD, The ALS Association Recognized Treatment Center at Kaiser Permanente South Bay Medical Center

I’ll update y’all after Clinic tomorrow. Party on, Wayne!

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