3.4.19 What a Week

Washington DC is a truly magical place. It’s where history meets future, and possibilities are endless. It was a wonderful week spent with my girl, and how wonderful it was to have her all to myself all week.



Kacy and I have traveled together many times, and thankfully for me she keeps agreeing to go with me and/or invite me along. We’ve seen many cool things, experienced many breathtaking views together and I’ll never tire of exploring this big’ol world with her by my side. She definitely worked her tail off this trip, it takes a lot to get me ready, dressed, and out the door plus loading and unloading the scooter and my mostly useless body add nothing to the ease of forward progression. Thankfully she knows when to tell me to hush, and Coach Moses is just scary enough to make me listen. Sometimes.


Our hotel was not accessible at all. This  wonderful ramp was provided so that we could get the scooter in and out of the room, but turned up missing on our first night. Thankfully it was located and returned, because Garth isn’t exactly known for his vertical. I could not use the shower due to safety, so Kacy washed my hair in the sink and helped me take a “spit bath”. I told you she really, really worked hard this week.

And finally, in full vanity, I truly enjoyed having hair and makeup done each day of the trip. It’s fun having girlfriends that will fix you up every day. I’m sure Kacy is thankful to only have herself to get ready for the foreseeable future, but I loved every second of having her attention on me.


I’ll tell you about the rest of our week on Capitol Hill, but for today I wanted to tell you how much I love my Kacy.


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