11.14.19 Catching Up

Y’all know me, always late and behind. It’s part of my charm, er something like that. Anyways, let’s catch up a bit shall we?

Friday the 8th was clinic day. Tonya and I had so much fun yakin’ and catching up that we didn’t get a single picture. So you’ll just have to trust me that I was there. My starting weight at clinic almost 5 years ago was 250, was told to keep it there for as long as possible. Your girl weighed in at a whopping 263 on Friday, boom. My breathing was down, but we know how to work on that – bipap – and well I just have to get over it. Couple of new faces, couple of old faithfuls, and shout out to my sweet friend Susan Lock who defied the laws of gravity and looked great even with a black eye. We handed out these straws as goodies to everyone and the were a big hit.


Australia plans are chugging along. It blows my mind that we are going to walk onto the plane on Friday and off of it Sunday AND THEN catch another 5 hour flight to Perth. I’m sure glad Carlie and Bronson love me, they may change their tune after this haul. We have booked the hotels, working on scooter rental, planned out our sessions, and even found one fun adventure swimming with sharks. We cannot thank our friends and family enough for supporting us on this opportunity. This trip is not cheap, and every little bit helps. We’ve received almost $6k total in donations, and put over $5800 to date into making this dream a reality. Lots of other expenses on the horizon – meals, transportation, etc. – so we’re fundraising like crazy.

Australia Trip

These trips come with a lot of out of pocket costs - like airfare, hotel stay outside of the symposium, misc. travel expenses, etc. - so we are graciously asking for support from our friends and family to help offset the financial side of this work. We appreciate any support you're able and willing to provide. We love each of you very, vert much for your continued support of our patient advocacy efforts.



Tuesday the 12th was our 3rd anniversary. Thankfully Kenneth embraces my crazy and followed my lead. We had dinner at our favorite place – Del Frisco’s Grille – and he paraded me around in my wedding dress. Oh yes I did wear my wedding dress to dinner, and it was fantastic. A lot has changed over 3 years, I love doing life with this man. It’s always an adventure and I pray for many, many more years together.

What else is going on? We went to play in Stephenville a few weeks ago to watch Tarleton Muck the Fustangs, and I got to show Kenneth around a little bit. We had lunch at my most favorite – Santa Fe Taco – and hugged a lot of necks. Getting back to campus doesn’t happen as often as I’d like but it’s always good to be home. Got love on some babies I haven’t seen in far too long and meet the newest member of the Ashby family.

Sunday the 10th we celebrated Tatum’s first birthday and he completely owned his smash cake. That smile is Precious.


Yesterday was #WorldKindnessDay and I shared about my time at Meridian – I’ll share more soon.


at the beginning of October I had the opportunity to speak at Meridian High School, and immediately following each student came by to hug me or shake my hand 🥰🥰 my answer when someone asks how they can help me is always: hug me as soon as you can and love me through this 😍😍

We talked Walk. We talked FOMO. We talked Golf. Celebrated 2 years of not working. Guess the best way to wrap this up is to welcome baby Franklin Rutherford Powell into our band of mistfits as well as Baby Brous that will be joining us in May 2020. My heart just may burst.

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